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Let's take a wild is taking off and you need to hire a few more people to meet demand? Great, glad to hear that. It just so happens that you're at the right place -- the Employrium job center. Getting your job opening(s) in front of qualified job applicants is pretty much what we do here. Post a job now -- better yet how about realtime? If you're familiar with online job ads, prefer to do it yourself (DIY) and want the savings of doing it yourself reflected in the price tag, then this is the option for you. Trust me, it is painless.

With a little help from you in the form of a job title, job description (plain text or html) and the local area you want to target, we will do the rest. Well actually, this computer thingee and some techie guy programs will do the rest. The techie guys tell me that there is even an option to have your position(s) vetted via social networking. Ready, set, go --- select the 60 day job posting option above, to get the ball rolling. Looking for full service job posting options? This isn't your typical self serve job center, we handle full service too. Contact us via email or phone to get the conversation going.

Job Posting Answers

How soon will my job posting be listed?

So you're ready to hire right away? No problem your job posting is listed realtime; thus after you have provided a job description, along with other pertinent job info, submit your job posting and it immediately becomes available to job seekers. Also, any time during the job posting circulation period you can suspend and resume circulation once you have received your target number of qualified job applicants.

How do I keep up with my job posting?

Well there are a couple of ways to manage your job postings. The first option is we provide a helping hand, by keeping track of that information for you online from your control panel. From there you can see a bunch of stats related to the performance of your job posting. The second option, is more of the legacy or traditional method in which you can receive email notifications of job applicants to your job postings. Both of these options are easily managed via your recruiting control panel. Post a job now and see for yourself.

What if I want to manage job applicants on my company's site?

Something told me you might ask about managing job applicants externally. The short answer is: no problem. During the job posting submission, you can supply a link to your company's site. So when a job seeker wants to apply to your job posting they are routed to your company's site. At that point, it's all in your hands and you're free to provide the applicant with additional instructions via your landing page about how to apply.

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