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All people are created equal but not all job postings. At Employrium, employers can post a job free, upon creating a recruiter account. Creating an account is easy and only takes a few minutes. Now, for a limited time our free job postings come with packed with all the bells and whistles without the the added costs or cutting corners. Fast, friendly and intuitive is always of utmost concern. Save time and money while recruiting quality candidates in the process.

Multiple job postings or a single job opening, either way the same fast, user friendly and intuitive experience is standard. Best of all, right now, a single job posting is free, simply for creating a recruiter account. Why? Well we figured it’s a little hard for job seekers to have any success in the mad hunt for job, if there aren’t enough -- well -- jobs. Sounds simply enough right? Great. With one click, get started with a complementary job posting.

What's needed to get started? Be sure to have a plain text and/or html job description available. Whichever works best. If the job description is ready to go then that's half the battle already won. With real-time job postings newly posted positions are visible instantly. Waiting just is not cool. Post the first job posting online now for free.

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