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  1. Hiring typically starts with. Well technically, hiring follows the go ahead from the boss to add head count. That is, just in case you're a stickler for detail. In any case, you will find Employrium's job posting and resume screening services are mindful of your time. Post a job opening now. You'll be done in 7 minutes flat (you can call me on it if you like). Resume screening may take a little longer based on the job requirement specifics. That's totally up to you of course. You're always in the drivers seat.
  2. We know the boss's time is in short supply. We get it. Theis here. We'll even get you back to what you were doing in 10 mins -- most likely 7 minutes, but then who's counting right?
  3. Fast,. You will be ready in no time. Enough said.

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