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Explore job search tweets with RealTweets. Find your next job through social media networking.

On the go? Get RealTweets on your Android mobile phone and let job search tweets come to you!

Simply grant access to Twitter via OAuth and refer a job to a friend or find one for yourself.

Also, you can send job search tweets or send a job opening via DM (direct message).

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RealtTweets Answers

How do I install the RealTweets download on my Android phone?

So you're ready to work smarter. Good Choice. Well let's get you on your way. Go ahead and download the RealTweets apk file (filename = RTS.apk) from the link above to your computer. Now on your Android phone:

  1. Goto "Settings" on your Android phone
  2. Next go to "Applications" from the Settings menu
  3. Select the check box next to "Unknown Sources"

Now you're ready to connect your Android phone to your computer via the USB cable that came with your phone. Once you do so, Android will prompt you to "enable copying files via USB" in the notification bar on your Android phone. Select Ok. Now you can copy the RealTweets apk file to your Android phone's SD card. Once you have copied the RealTweets apk file to your Android phone all that is left is to install it. To install the RealTweets apk file, simply longpress (press and hold) the RealTweets apk file from your SD card. Android will then prompt you to "open" or "install" the RealTweets apk file. Select the appropiate option (ok or yes) then Android will do the rest. You're done. It may be a good idea to go back and uncheck the "unknown sources" check box on your Android phone for your security. Doing so will make sure any Android application that wants to install an app on your Android phone gets your permission before doing so, like we did. You're all set - sit back and let job search tweets come to you.

How does Oauth work?

OAuth is a way to allow secure authorization to applications such as myself to content on your favorite websites. For example, from here, via Twitter, you can send job search tweets or just a good ole' shout out to a friend. To do so, that involves authorization, in which case Twitter sits in and acknowledges your approval or denial. The is very different than traditional Twitter Basic Authorization, since we never ask for your Twitter password nor are we ever aware of your Twitter password. That part is all handled by Twitter. Instead, if you provide Twitter with your approval, we are given grant access specifically for you, which allows you to send all the tweets, re-tweets and status updates that your heart desires. In short, OAuth is the next generation of secure access to your content without providing a password to third party websites and applications. Also, you can take a look at the OAuth Demo, if you want a test drive first. Safe. Secure. Simple. OAuth.

What do you need me to do?

Well if you would like to do some of the cool stuff on this site, via Twitter, then simply select the tweet jobs button above to get started. Doing so, will plug in the good folks over at Twitter to acknowledge your request. The whole process takes a whopping 5 minutes.

Why should I grant RealTweets OAuth access?

Good question. For starters, we like to think of it as a different connection point with a slightly different look and feel which hopefully adds a little icing to the cake. The concept is similar to having many electrical outlets at home. Would you want to live in a home with merely a single set of outlets in one room for the whole house? Absolutely not! You can't drag all of your electrical gadgets to one location; besides some things are better suited for one room versus another. At the end of the day, all of the outlets are connected to the same source but it is all about convenience and flexibility. So from here, you stay plugged in with Twitter with our slightly different touch, centered around jobs and job search, that hopefully works for you.

If i grant RealTweets OAuth access, how long will access last?

Another good question - you're just a regular old scholar aren't you? Well to answer your question, that is really a Twitter question. At this time, Twitter doesn't provide a specific duration for the life of the access authorization that is provided during your approval request. On the other hand, we do provide limits. As far as we are concerned, the life span for your Twitter access authorization, on this site, expires when you your visit ends. So you can use all the features here for as long as you like with only a single Twitter OAuth grant request. When you leave, of course, like any good housekeeper we clean up afterwards and thus your Twitter OAuth permission authorization expires.

What happens if I deny OAuth access?

Now that is a simple one - its kind of like your favorite sport - if you aren't in the game you're just a spectator. So denying access simply makes you a spectator in that you can view the features available here and get a glimpse of what's going on in the tweet-verse (tweet universe) but to participate in the fun a grant access is necessary. So peruse around and when you're ready to join in the festivities, select the tweet jobs button above to become a player and leave the spectator days behind you.