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Use The Power of Resume Keywords to Get Noticed

In the world of online job boards, social networks, and electronic job applications- how can you make yourself standout? The answer is keywords keywords keywords. This is how it works - a recruiter or HR logs onto their computer or a job board to find hundreds of resumes and job applicants, they then do keyword searches to narrow down their choices before reviewing any resumes or applications. You could be out of the running before the race even starts!

Keywords are essential to a successfully navigating your job search realtime on the web. Resumes and applications are constantly being scanned for words keywords that describe relevant skills, education, certifications, and/or performance related actions that are necessary for the job that has been posted. So just like a race car driver needs to have qualifying times and sponsors to enter a race, you need to have the skill set and keywords to enter the job search race. Your skills, experience, certifications, and education are your qualifying times and the keywords are your sponsors. Whether you are allowed to enter the race depends upon on your qualifications and keywords.

Good sponsors/keywords are easy to find, just start with the job description and/or required skills. Most likely a search would be conducted using relevant words or synonyms from the job description. For example:

  1. Self starter/self motivator who has strong verbal communication and written skills, currently calling on senior level executives as well as technical buyers. Strong knowledge of technology industry products, and services. Strong organizational and planning, teamwork and customer support skills critical. Ability to operate remotely and/or travel 50% of the time. Bachelor's degree, MBA preferred 8 + years of sales and 4+ years of related, industry or segment experience. Proven track record exceeding sales quota selling business solutions with expertise in negotiating and closing. Proven selling ability in previous job level.

To maximize resume keyword power, the correct set of resume keywords should be included in your cover letter, resume, follow-up correspondences, and profile. Some keywords, from the highlighted words in the job description: new business development, organizational development, sales contracts, client relationship management, strategic planning, marketing, problem solver, outside sales, service/product presentations, sales closings, MBA or Bachelors, certifications you may have, and technical examples. These are just a few keywords that can be used from our example. Your sponsors/keywords should be used with action verbs, such as, negotiated sales contracts with senior executives, generated an additional $1M in new business, or exceeded 2007 sales quota by 30%.

It is also important that your actual skills and experiences are aligned with the job description; misrepresenting yourself will only lead to disqualification. Now that you have the qualifying times and sponsors you are ready to start the race. Job seekers start your engines.

Author: Michelle Wright