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Economy Slow Down

Being Out Of Work Sucks

If you have been out of work, even for just a short while, coping with being without a job, in down economic times, can dim your outlook. While some anxiety is understandable, all things considered, you must keep your spirits up and your drive alive. The good news is - nothings lasts forever, so your situation is that much closer to turning the corner. In the mean time, it is important that you keep your skills fresh and acquire new skills, if at all possible.

Here are some ideas to keep your skills sharp:

  1. Part-Time Work

    This of course is secondary to a full-time job but if it's taking longer than you prefer to land full-time work, than you should seriously consider a part-time work. Why? Well for starters, some income is better than no income. Second, while the monetary gain may not be what you are accustomed to, you get to stay active with your skill set which should be your primary objective. After all, would you want a doctor operating on you that hasn't performed surgery in a while? Probably not. Likewise, potential employers view you in the same light, so keep your skills working.
  2. Volunteer Work

    Well if you can't make a buck while keeping your skills fresh, maybe here is an opportunity to do some volunteer work. Surely, there are some local community organizations that could use any time that you would be willing to donate. Quite often, local community centers/organizations and nonprofit organizations and can only budget for a limited number of staff members. In turn, this can limit the goals of these community organizations while, on the otherhand, your time and expertise can further the goals of local community organizations. You will feel good about your contributions too.
  3. Learn Something New

    You know "they say" learning is a life long process. If that is true, when was the last time you took it upon yourself to learn something new? If it has been a while, here is your golden opportunity. This is especially true since being in the normal cycle of - work, home, prepare for work the next day, can tend to limit your time to engage in new learning - even if you desired to learn something new. So now, here is your chance. Take a course or two whether it is an online course or a traditional classroom. Consider any pertinent certifications and licenses relative to your industry. Generally speaking, the first choice should be towards learning that furthers your career. This, of course, does not go to say that other avenues could not be pursued. Just that, the relevance of any training or learning you acquire, related to your work background, is viewed more favorably to prospective employers.

While being unemployed and out of work for any period of time is not preferred, you can and should still make the best of it. Thus, keeping your skills fresh via part-time work, volunteer work, etc and lifelong learning along with persistence in your job search is the best formula for getting back to work in a down economy. Before you know it, you will be back to work and with a whole lot more than what you left with. Best wishes and keep it moving!

Author: Blake Turnsby