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Are you a team player? Sometimes it pays to be a team player then sometimes maybe not.

Are you considering a career change maybe? Well you're not alone but look before you leap.

Sales anyone? Do you have what it takes to be successful in a sales career?

Salary negotiation is tricky for some and provides an adrenaline rush for others. Which does it do for you?

Which resume keywords work best for your job search? Sorry it's not a one size fits all.

Have you been laid off? You're not alone there either. There is life after a layoff though.

Are you still using job search engines? If you insist on doing so, at least maximize your chances of finding a job.

Are you up for a job promotion? Maybe you should go in with a plan; you think?

So which employers are job market winners for those of you on the job hunt. You might want to start here.

There are job interview tips then there are job interview tips that get you hired.

Since the heydays are in the rear view mirror, where are the jobs these days?

Maybe it's time to fine tune your job interview skills. Finding a job has changed for better or worse.

So you need a pay raise huh? Who doesn't...get the skinny on how to get one.

So you're lucky enought to get not one but two job offers. Lucky you -- now how do you handle multiple job offers?

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