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Are you goal oriented? Does you + tasks or duties = goal achieved? More and more employers are looking for employees who are goal oriented to meet sales quotas, productivity levels, tolerance standards, production schedules, delivery schedules, or customer satisfaction. It doesn't matter what industry you are in - you will find a job description with the words "goal oriented." In the current job market, do you stand out as the goal oriented candidate?

A person whom is goal oriented - is organized or has a plan to achieve specific goals. Now let's get back to you. First start with your current or most recent job - what are your goals, how do you achieve your goals, and what were the results? As a job seeker these questions allow you to see yourself from the employer's perspective. For example, you are a bus driver and your goal is to have the best on-time performance in your depot. I'm sure that is a goal many commuters can appreciate - a bus route that is consistently on-time. In order to achieve that goal the bus driver may need to - arrive to work early, meet safety standards, schedule routine maintenance (makes friends with the mechanics), review the traffic & weather conditions, and know his/her passengers routines. Do you see the pattern here - the bus driver must have a plan and meet other goals like arriving to work early to achieve the best on-time performance goal. Now you try to answer the same three questions; it works with any job from the CEO to the mailroom.

Still not sure if you are goal oriented? Well try this little test: Goals + Actions + Measurable Results = Goal Oriented. Think about it as a job seeker - you are goal oriented: Goal - find a job ---- Actions - resumes, networking, job boards, and research; Measurable Result(s) = a new job (most likely in a shorter time period than the guy who isn't goal oriented). Good luck and success your job search goals.

Author: by Michelle Wright