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News flash --- Finding a job on the internet has changed a bit. Then again, you know that much already right? In that case, the questions become: how has internet job search changed? More importantly, how are we going to help you navigate the current waters of job search?

Well once upon a time, to find your next job all you needed to do was head on over to Monster, Dice or HotJobs and the sheer number of job openings made you feel better than a kid in a candy store. Remember that feeling? Aaaah yes. Well, while the big boards are still around, finding a job has evolved into social media job search. What is social media job search? Well, the simple version (simple is good isn’t it?) is that social media job search is about building relationships and leveraging people in win-win situations that advance your career goals. That was so important, let’s hit the key concepts again --- building relationships, leveraging people, win-win and career goals.

Employrium gels the concepts of social media job search together in such a way that you experience results instantly --- hummm maybe that’s why the powers that be decided to dubbed the concept as real time job search. I wonder if that discovery qualifies as an epiphany? Well anyway, Employrium's Job Finder connects you with the people that are making things happen. In doing so, the hidden job market is well --- not so hidden anymore. Well if it is not hidden anymore than perhaps that makes it well -- open. Imagine that an “open job market” where the best, brightest and motivated individuals can tap into employment opportunities that were previously well - hidden. Maybe you’re starting to like this -- find a job via real time job search thing. Great. We appreciate the accolades. Then again, we absolutely adore your success stories. Share your comments with us. We promise to listen and do silly stuff like --- give the people what they want.