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It's probably a safe bet that you're probably already familiar with the idea of finding a job online since online job search has been around for a while now. On the other hand, maybe you didn't know that different job recruiting websites have quite different strategies and focus. What this means is that depending on your specific job search goals, one type of job recruiting website may be more beneficial to your situation than another. The three types of job recruiting websites (aka job sites) include :

  1. Coast to Coast (General): As the name implies these type of job sites have a broad and wide coverage across the USA. These type of job sites are great for those looking to relocate, either within the same region, the opposite coast of the USA and most cities in between. Although these job sites work on the static job listing concept, they are effective and can still work as long as you have a solid job search plan and some patience. Surely, you know some of these sites already: Monster, Dice, Job Bank USA and CareerBuilder. Those are amongst the largest and you'll get good coverage using some combination of these job sites.
  2. Regional: These type of job recruiting sites are more locally focused. Let's say you love your home town and wouldn't think of moving for the world; but, you're in between jobs at the moment. Well in that case, you definitely want to focus on a regional-local job search and job sites that cater to local search. Such include Kforce Staffing, DC Metro Jobs, San Francisco Jobs, and New York Jobs to name a few. Needless to say, there are many of these type of job sites with many options to choose from, depending on the specific metro area you're targeting. The primary benefit of these type of job recruiting websites is --- tadah --- regional/local focus. If you want to step it up a notch, then job search realtime is the answer. With a regional/local focus and realtime social networking your odds are much greater in terms of getting noticed and connected with a real person.
  3. Aggregators: These type of job sites are perhaps the least known, at least in terms of the word "aggregator." To shed some light, these type of job recruiting websites are basically smaller scale search engines such as Google or Bing, that basically find job listings across the internet sphere from various places such as company websites, other regional-local sites, coast to coast sites, classified ads and digital versions of newspapers and periodicals. Once job listings are found, they are collected and reposted for jobseekers. The idea here is instead of dealing with a gazillion job search websites, you can look to one site to bring in job listings from across the internet into one place, which in turn should save the jobseeker time and effort. Job recruiting websites in this space include Indeed, JuJu, and Workcircle.

Like anything else, the bottom line is determining which job recruiting website works for you starts with understanding how your specific job situation relates to the focus of the job recruiting website you're using or plan to use i.e. relocation, local/regional, social, realtime, etc. Even more so, like diversifying your retirement portfolio as far as investments go; likewise, the best approach is to diversify your job search strategy. In essence, that means connect with job recruiting websites in two or more of the categories above. Doing so maximizes your potential for getting hired sooner versus later.