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Finding a job in the USA via online or in person, for that matter, is a challenge. Those that are familiar with current employment and hiring trends know -- gainful employment is a good thing. You can thank the global economy for the current employment situation in the USA. Before the global economy you didn't have to compete with jobseekers from other nations. In fact, you really didn't even have to worry too much about competing with job seekers in a nearby state. Essentially, not too long ago job search was truly local; not so much today.

As far as the global economy goes, "it is what it is" but that doesn't mean you don't have options. Instead, maybe too many options. After all of the effort to move towards a global economy, job search is turning back to an emphasis on local job search. Employers are finding out that more options don't necessarily equate to better options which, also, holds true for the jobseeker. So now what? Maybe it's time get real in your job search. Here's a simple three step process:

  1. Focus: Finding a job online means your job search should target metro areas for optimal success. Of course, that assumes that you can appreciate gainful employment as it pertains to you. Anyway, so if you live in a 500 person town you don't need metro and/or local job search; you need to move first.
  2. Trends: Do you know what's happening in the job market? Who's hiring? Interview trends? Job Requirements? Layoffs/downsizing/right-sizing? That's what the Job Seeker Blog is here for. Dive in now. Get in the loop, stay in the loop.
  3. Realtime: Bottom line -- hiring decisions, today, are made fast. If you're old school, you need to become new school quick. Get job search real time. You can even take it with you on the go. What is take it on the go? You know, smartphones are rather "smart" today. Put your smartphone to work as your automated mobile job search agent.

If you plan to get to work sooner versus later, you must get focused know the trends and get real time in your job search. Get it? Then the job is yours. Gainful Employment is Good.