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Fall is in the air. Get a head start on end of year budget crunch hiring. Recruiters now is the time to fill those job openings requiring particular skill sets. Post a job now for 60 days via the ehire store.

Right now for a limited time, ala carte single job postings are just $89. This special pricing is available now in celebration of the Employrium's new ehire estore. These job postings are feature rich including social media vetting, real-time collateral management, and resume screening to name a few. It's a great time to hire.

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Finding a job online is well in a word - difficult. Stale job postings and high competition for a few job openings doesn't help much either. Face it. Recruiters have way too many job hunters to choose from and way too many emails and calls to make. On the other hand, don't give up on job searching and join the circus. Instead, job seekers need to connect with the hidden job market -- fast. Real-time job search does just that, get job seekers on the radar quickly.

There is an old saying, "If you do the same things you have always done, you will get the same results you have always gotten." Job search has changed which means change is necessary to finding work in today's job market. Forget about relying on one source for a meal ticket. No way, no more nada. Those days are gone. The best approach to job search is a combination of sources, tools, aids, and contacts to enhance marketability and visibility. Employrium helps job seekers find open positions online or my name isn't computer.

  • The Job Seeker Blog

    This is the mothership for employment opportunities. This is the starting point of every "get back to work, get a job promotion, career change" mission. After all, The Job Seeker Blog did not earn the title of #1 job searching blog on the web by sitting around eating Bon Bons; although Bon Bons are really good.
  • Job Search Realtime

    If your focus is USA jobs in metro areas, look no further. We think gainful employment is good which is why we focus on realtime. You need a job now right?
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    If you find yourself on the go, a lot, fret not -- take your job hunt on the go with you. Your smartphone will earn its keep. After all, smartphones are expensive toys...why not put them to work?
  • Employment Situation Help

    If your problem is job search related, chances are pretty good we can help. Virtually every job situation is covered from "out of work" to "starting a new job with a new boss" to "how to position yourself for a job promotion." Get in the know now.
  • Which Site is Right?

    Not all job hunting websites are created equal. Get to know the different types to aid in your job hunt. Better stated, shorten your time on the market searching by working with the best job sites for your situation.
  • What's Your strategy?

    To find a job in USA, it's not as simple as LinkedIn, friend of a friend (who you know), and resume blasting. Sure those approaches may still get some success, here and there, but most job seekers need a real job strategy to get real results.

Looking for more? No problem, take a hop on over to the jobseeker hiring center section and explore the full gamut of online job search tools. A sense of urgency, during your search, is very much the root of our focus.